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Extended a warm welcome to the south Korean modern heavy industry leaders to visit our company guidance work!
source:Jiangyin Lilong Hydraulicmachinery CO.,LTD. | release time:2016-3-28 | Views£º

On December 2, 2014, today is a happy day, my company in the south Korean hyundai heavy line leaders. First of all, welcome all the leadership to hyundai heavy industries to our company guide work, also thanks to hyundai heavy support for my company work, for my company in enterprise production and quality management are put forward valuable opinion, our company will absorb the modern heavy industry leaders, seriously in all aspects of the enterprise, strive for to make obvious progress in the enterprise management, enables the enterprise to adapt to the development of the current market, enterprises to the world, to keep up with world class such as hyundai heavy industries the pace of enterprise development, the enterprise can go further, with high.


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