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Precision seamless tube need how to maintenance and maintenance
source:Jiangyin Lilong Hydraulicmachinery CO.,LTD. | release time:2016-3-28 | Views£º

Precision seamless steel tube with the development of economy has become more widely used, people in daily life is closely related to the seamless tube, a lot of people think that precision seamless tube is never rust, in fact, precision seamless tube corrosion resistance is good. Form a layer of passivation film on the surface of reason is that, in the nature of it in a more stable oxide forms exist. But many people knows little of precision seamless tube performance, maintenance of precision seamless tube knew much less. That is to say, seamless tube, though different in accordance with the conditions of use, oxidation degree is different, but in the end are oxidation, this phenomenon is commonly known as corrosion. All exposed on the surface of metal corrosion environment produce electrochemical reaction and chemical reaction, even from corrosion.


Precision seamless tube surface blunt

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